About 24 postcards - 24 Hour Postcards

Vision and Mission

24 Postcards is defined by a clear set of values established over 30 years of business. These values are central to our vision for the future.

We will provide a printing, design and marketing product for shorter-run communications that sets the standard in the market place.

We are master craftsmen in our field. We accomplish this mission through:

  • a program of continual investment in the best available technology.
  • investing in people with the skill to provide professional products and a friendly professional service.
  • innovating the product and application to improve value and quality.

In pursuit of an unrivalled product we put the finished goods, and therefore our reputation, first. In manufacture of the printed product, we hold the following values:

  • We are approachable at all times.
  • We listen to our clients, ask the important questions and offer relevant solutions.
  • We are realistic about our capabilities and will communicate early if the request is for an unsuitable product.
  • We will continually strive to operate more sympathetically towards the environment, reducing waste, emissions and utility consumption.
  • We will work as a team to harness our talents and improve the product.

Postcard Printing

Our full colour postcards can help you or your business connect with your customers, prospects or friends on a personal level and are a very cost effective way of getting your marketing messages out there or simply inviting people to an event or birthday party

Interested in self publishing?

There are a number of reasons why writers take the decision to self-publish. Most commonly they have either tried approaching publishers without success, or alternatively they have decided that the subject matter is for a limited market (family/local history) and therefore self-publishing is the only option. We found this old guide to self publishing which you might find interesting!